Wer ist eigentlich George W. Bush?

17. September 2006 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Der amerikanische Blogger Pook hat folgendes über ihn herausgefunden:

Bush ist ein knallharter Rechter:

Bush is not a conservative. He is a moderate but with some conservative leanings. For the conservatives in the Republican Party, they only care about what is referred to as „the three“ big issues: foreign policy, tax cuts, and the Supreme Court. Since Bush goes with those, the party generally supports him. With those who really despise Bush, I wonder what would happen when a real conservative gets into the White House. (…)

Bush ist geistig unterbelichtet:

Bush actually prefers to be underestimated. „That is his strategy,“ one person told me. „He wants people to think of him as a doofus.“ Ann Richards, that feminist governor of Texas who recently died, wrote off Bush when he first ran for governor. Gore and Kerry both did later. Even today, people underestimate his political abilities. I was told that is just as he wants it. „That is what works for him,“ one said. (…)

Bush ist Halbanalphabet:

Bush is a fanatical book reader. He loves reading biographies. (…)

Bush blickt nicht über seinen WASP-Horizont hinaus:

Al Gore speaks better Spanish than Bush does. However, Gore learned his spanish at Harvard. He speaks the text-book spanish. Bush learned spanish at the oil rigs in Texas so his spanish is „off“ but it has the Texas/Mexican slang and nuances in it. This is why during the 2000 campaign, hispanics preferred Bush’s spanish to Al Gore’s.

Bush ist ein Cowboy, er verachtet das Urbane, mit seiner Ranch in Texas.

One last thing, Bush’s ranch in Texas is a prop. He probably does enjoy such a ranch as it is very different from the White House. But it is a campaign prop. He bought it for the Presidential election. Watch him sell it when he steps down as President. He’ll probably end up living in an apartment in Dallas.


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